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Launceston Plumbing and Gas fitting will detect your leaks and fix them quickly, contact us on 0438 274 269.

Leaking Taps

  • Servicing and repairing tapware
  • A faulty ‘O’ ring or fibre washer can be the cause of a leak in a cupboard or cavity wall causing untold damage to timber, plaster and carpets.

Leaking Pipes

Are you worried that there is a leak somewhere in your pipes or sewer? Does your water bill seem higher than it should? Are you noticing signs of water damage or mold around the house?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our leak detection services can help.

Locating and repairing a water leak as soon as possible is very important. Water leaks can increase your utility bills, damage your house and lead to mold. If the problems continue for too long, then the overall damage can be significant and the repairmen costs high. Additionally, the mold caused by water damage can also be hazardous to your health. CONTACT US NOW > 0438 274 269

Gas leaks

If you suspect there is a gas leak in your home or office, perhaps you can smell gas? Then you need to call us, one of our licenced gas fitters in both Natural and LPG gas will come and attend to your enquiry. Our number is 0438 274 269.

Contact us if you are suspecting a water or gas leak – Phone 0438 274 269 or use the contact form below and we will reply promptly

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