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Excavation for plumbing installation jobs, septics, trenches, new drain installation, sewage, and water tanks. Our excavation and plumber operator will get the job done.

 About our Excavation service:

Owner, Matt wanted to ensure Launceston Plumbing could tackle any sized job for his clients, so part of LPG’s team is a 1.8 Kubota Excavator, 2014 model. This versatile, efficient machine often operated by Matt or one of his skilled operators becomes very handy in new development or renovation jobs. This service ensures our clients have access to bigger jobs completed by our qualified plumbers.

Plumbing Jobs with Excavation:

  • Septic tank installation
  • removal of redundant drains
  • Rain water tanks
  • new development
  • trenches
  • sewage connections
  • pump station

Hire Rates:

LPG will provide a free of charge quote for your job that requires any earthmoving work. However if you wish to hire an excavator rates are from $220 per day (without an operator), you will need to contact us for a prompt quote on the below details

call 0438 274 029 or email tasdryhire@gmail.com

we run a hire business for construction equipment at Tas Dry Hire

***we follow the Australian standards AS/NZS 3500 for Plumbing and Gas works, as well as the AS 5601 LPG standards***