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Launceston Plumbing and Gas recommend Solimpeks, a leading manufacturer of cutting edge solar energy, you can request a quote and further a information pack by emailing us to – or using our contact form

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  • Evacuated tubes, solimpeks
  • High performance evacuated tube
  • Triple layer high efficiency coating (AIN/SS/Cu)
  • 58mm outer diameter tube
  • Large diameter heat transfer bulb (24mm)
  • 42mm copper header pipe
  • Borosilicate glass (2mm outer, 1.6mm inner)
  • Compliant to AS2712, AS3498, AS4020
  • Tested to AS2712 Frost Level 2 (-15ºC)
  • Available in 10 tube modular or 20 and 30 tube manifolds
  • Cyclone rated mounting system

Evacuated Tubes better in the cooler climates

Evacuated tubes consist of a series of glass tubes containing an inner water or heat pipe, which is surrounded by a vacuum. The round surface of evacuated tubes allows the sun’s rays to hit perpendicular to the surface for a larger part of the day, which means that they are highly efficient for more of the day. This also allows them to be installed facing east or west (if north is not possible), with only a small loss of efficiency. They can be better suited to cold climates, as their vacuum minimizes heat loss and they are better protected from frost damage.