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Thermann solar products offer a versatile solution for residential homes, they have an affordable quality range and solar upgrade option if wanting to start with just the Electric solar system. Thermann solar are also in our preferred evacuated tube design.

Below are the two types of solar Thermann products we offer;

Evacuated Tube Solar – electric boosted

  • Leading industry warranties
  • Innovative technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Cyclone Rated Framework
  • Cost effective to run
  • QTY of tubes purchased depend on energy needs of the home


Evacuated Tube Solar – Gas Boosted

Thermann Evacuated Tube Solar gas boosted systems provide an efficient and reliable supply of hot water by harnessing the suns energy. And during those few times when it may need a little help, the gas booster provides the perfect back up, ensuring piece of mind, while still keeping your running costs low.